“Kaisi Ye Jeet”, the latest release by Antariksh questions the meaning of “Victory”

New Delhi, 22nd October 2021: A follow up song to Antariksh’s recent successful single, ‘Quest feat. Marty Friedman’, ‘Kaisi Ye Jeet?’ borders on the thin line between Progressive and Cinematic Rock music. The song features all of Antariksh’s signature elements including borrowing nuances from different styles of music, anthemic melodies laden with lush harmonies, mind-bending guitar solos, edgy riffs and thought-provoking lyrics.

Varun, from Antariksh, says, “‘Kaisi Ye Jeet?’ was born from a place of questioning the meaning of ‘Victory’ and its significance when the war itself creates irrevocable damages, regardless of its result. Revisited during the second wave of Covid 19 in India, this song became a tragic reflection of what we were witnessing and feeling. A bubble burst, the illusion of privilege some of us enjoyed, disappeared. Although there was a glimmer of hope that we hung on to after the wave subsided, the trauma of war in the form of fighting for hospital beds, oxygen, medicines and pyres was hard to let go of, and still is, months on. The “victorious” chest-thumping of politicians after the cases naturally subsided has been hard to fathom, especially when we are leaving behind countless loved ones as either casualties, or as wounded by the system. We survived the battle, but the post-war silence is too loud to ignore – What is the meaning of this “victory” when at it’s very core there is little to no value of human lives in the face of agendas and propagandas of the powerful”.

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The song is available now across major streaming platforms. For the, still, unversed, guitar player, music producer and singer, Varun Rajput’s brainchild ‘Antariksh’, a New Delhi based premier Rock Act is the first of its kind. Rated by MTV as one of the best Hindi Rock artists from India, Antariksh is renowned for bringing authentic Rock/Pop/Progressive music from the west to mainstream Hindi music. With an experience of playing over 800 gigs across India, US, UK, Mauritius, Madagascar, and South-East Asia, Antariksh is also known for their power-packed, mesmerizing live concerts that truly distinguish a “regular show” from a “concert”.

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