Let original music come out, that’s how the world works: Prateek Gandhi

Prateek Gandhi is a singer and musician. He is a versatile and experimental music composer – producer, who believes in creating atmospheric, electronic and modern music with Indian elementary touch into it. He is a guitarist, mix master engineer, ableton live trainer and background score composer as well. We had an interaction with him very recently, read more about what we discussed:

What’s your take on the indie segment? How do see the segment growing in the recent times?

Independent music was always there, and it is emerging again, as film music is quite similar and sounds the same. People are moving towards indie music. If we talk about general human tendency of listening music they like to stick to a certain taste for some time but later on if they get something different and fresh they bend towards new music too.

Labels should support indie music scene and audience also should praise if they like any indie artist. If the companies will provide more live shows for indie artists, I guess the avenue will be bigger!

Originals vs Recreations, what are the pros and cons?

Originals takes time to grow as people don’t accept it quickly and recreations gets in head faster. The drawback is original music has always been pushed down because of the lack of acceptance. Personally I am not into recreations and even I don’t support recreations. Covers are okay that you are showing your singing talent by doing covers but recreating same thing and losing its original essence is wrong. Let original music come out, that’s how the world works.

Ankahi Baatein – Official Song | Namish Taneja | Stefy Patel | Prateek Gandhi | Arush | Music Garage

How did Ankahi Baatein come about?

Everyone is loving the voice and sound, it’s growing bigger with each day. People from different countries are supporting me for Ankahi Baatein by sharing it to their close ones, social media, etc. This song is one of my best creations, I have invested lot of time to finalise the track and even the entire team worked very hard on this one. I am happy that the producer, director and the audience, everyone is happy for this release. This is the first release of a newly launch label Music Garage.

What’s next in the store from you for the music followers?

I am coming up with many music videos as well as single audio releases exclusive with WYNK music. The key highlight is #saishi. I am doing one indie song with them too as fandom of Sai Ketan rap and Shivangi Khedekar requested me to do an album with this superhit pair from Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali. Along with this I am collaborating with other artists as well. 2021 was bliss for me and 2022 will be rocking!

Well, with 2022 around the corner, we look forward to hearing more music from Prateek Gandhi!


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