KRITAGYA’s latest Hip-Hop music mixtape Glowing Mixtape releasing on 28th April

Mumbai, 22nd April 2021: KRITAGYA announces the release of his latest mixtape titled the “Glowing Mixtape.”. “Glowing Mixtape.” is the rapper’s debut project and will be available worldwide on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube on the 28th of April 2021.

“Glowing Mixtape” is Kritagya’s debut project, one that explores the genres of trap, cloud rap & lyrical hop over the course of 10 tracks.  The mixtape revolves around the artist’s life & how things have been since his debut in the underground hip-hop scene back in 2017.

The mixtape’s prologue captures the experience of performing in a gig with his crew and a homage to DJ KARMA who gave the rapper a stage to perform for the first time, while the second track is the artist’s contemplation on his ego & the process through which he can eliminate it. The third track takes the listener to Kritagya’s life full of intrusive people trying to get in the rapper’s life post successful shows. The fourth track explores a different jovial side about the rapper being a teetotaler & enjoying small things in life without the need of alcohol. The 5th track explores a breakup the rapper went through & the sacrifices he had to make for his music. The 6th track is about his evolution & his ascension from a kid who loved to write to being a rapper achieving things he’d never dreamt of. The 7th track is split into two parts: The exuberant life of a rapper in this era, living a fast-lane lifestyle & him staying in his lane, cutting off toxic people and avoiding distractions. The 8th track is a confession of his love while simultaneously growing as a person through it. The 9th track is just him having fun with his crewmates while the final chapter, titled Glow, is actually a successor to his debut track G-Low.

In the new version Glow, he talks about working on yourself & being ready for opportunities that’ll eventually come one’s way.

“Glowing mixtape has a very cosmic, astral, manifesting process inside it. It’s literally me false advertising 10 dope songs you can bump at the traphouse, it’s really about finding yourself & being the best version of yourself while still being you, this message could never be put together in such a cool way” – KRITAGYA’s description of the Glowing Mixtape.

The mixtape consists of 10 tracks & is roughly 33 minutes long. The track list is as follows:

Track 1: Supafly

Track 2: Let It Go

Track 3: Calling

Track 4: Keventerz

Track 5: Dur

Track 6: Finesse (ft. Vasudev & Satyum)

Track 7: Fastlane

Track 8: Yakeen (ft. Willi Vonka & Arrnik)

Track 9: Mauj

Track 10: Glow

“Kritagya is a breath of fresh air in the Delhi scene, he sure has a vibe to his music & he is glowing in the scene .” – SEZ ON THE BEAT on KEVENTERZ  by KRITAGYA.

A journalism & mass communication student, Kritagya Sharma AKA KRITAGYA is 21 year old artist based in Delhi, India. KRITAGYA is the brains behind the hip-hop collective known as Gali Hip-Hop. He has also been organising hip-hop meetups & events such as the Delhi Hip-Hop meet since early 2017. Creating music since 2017, the artist first got inspired by the likes of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & T-Pain, & wants to create an impact by expressing what he feels, much like the ones he got inspired by.

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