Goldie Sohel, Kunaal Vermaa & Vishal Dadlani are all set to make you groove to the new age Disco vibes in their next collaboration Kareeb

Musician Goldie Sohel, who in the last couple of year has amassed an enviable fan following courtesy his foot-tapping music with tracks like Kinne Saala Baad, Baat Nahi Karni, Kasam, AHAM, Dil Da Khayal and most recently ‘Aaj Sajeya’, is all set to release his next song ‘Kareeb’. The quintessential dance number will be out on TM Music’s official YouTube channel on 27th April.

‘Kareeb’, penned by Kunaal Vermaa and sung by Vishal Dadlani promises to be a chart buster given its groovy music composed by Goldie and its universal appeal. TM Music, which has always backed new talent and provided a platform for talent across the country, believes that ‘Kareeb’ has all the makings of becoming an anthem for the youth. The video features teenage heartthrobs Siddharth Nigam and Ashi Singh and the team is leaving no stone unturned to make it one of the biggest tracks of the year. A quick interaction with Goldie has been captured below, along with the takes from Vishal Dadlani, Tarsame Mittal and Kunaal Verma. Check it out!

Describe Kareeb in three words!

Goldie: Happy, Energetic, disco-funk! Because it’s a very happy song with a cool disco vibe which can make anyone groove instantly.

How was it working with Vishal Dadlani, tell us about your experience?

Goldie: It’s a dream come true to work with Vishal sir. I come from Guwahati and am a new guy in the scene. So, it’s a huge achievement for me. I’ve been listening to his music since school days. And his work on this song as well has been inspiring. He recorded it thrice to reach perfection. It’s a great learning for me to work hard and be patient for the best output to come.

Singles vs Album, which one do you prefer?

Goldie: Both are very different things. I like doing singles as I enjoy working on different projects. For an album, it’s a long journey, and I’d like to take a long break to work on it. It’s about the sound of the album and what story it’s telling. I look forward to releasing an album sometime in the future.

How did the collaboration with Kunaal Vermaa come about?

Goldie: Kunaal is a good friend of mine and one of my favourite lyricists. I worked with him earlier for ‘Kisi Aur Naal’. When this song happened, Vishal sir also had him in mind. I enjoy working with him as he is very quick in portraying his thoughts into beautiful words.

What is next in store from you in 2021?

Goldie: I’ve recently released a couple of songs like ‘Aaj Sajeya’, ‘Kinne Saalan Baad’ and ‘Behaal’ with Harshdeep Kaur to name a few. So, 2021 has already been amazing and now it’s ‘Kareeb’ with Vishal sir. There isn’t anything else planned as such after this, but who knows there might be a surprise. I’ll definitely update through my Instagram about it if something comes up.

Any additional comments?

Goldie: Thank you MusiCulture for supporting my music. I want to thank my listeners who have been supporting me consistently. Stay safe in these difficult times. We’ll get through this together.

Throwing further light, singer of the track, Vishal Dadlani says “Independent music is the future. Things in the entertainment business are changing rapidly & music is building it’s own megastars. We just need to back that. Working on ‘Kareeb’ has been a special experience for me because I really think Goldie is a gifted musician. He has a great voice and a sharp sense of vocal production which makes the entire process of creating a track that much more enjoyable.”

Commenting on the collaboration with the great team of Kareeb, Tarsame Mittal, MD of TM Music says “The Digital boom has led to the democratization of Music and non-film music has exponentially grown in the last decade. At TM music we always strive to work with talented emerging artists with the guidance and support of established artists. ‘Kareeb’ by Goldie Sohel is an interesting track and we thank Vishal Dadlani for lending his vocals and adding the magical touch. We hope that the audience likes the track. We are looking forward to this release.”

Lyricist Kunaal Vermaa thinks that the song has all the elements which will impress the party freaks, “A young age party song with an amazing groove and vishal Dadlani’s electrifying voice. Kareeb – a song which is very kareeb to my heart because working with Vishal Dadlani is always the cherry on the cake. I keep genre and generation in mind while writing songs and kareeb is one for party lovers.”



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