Rising Indie artist Nikitaa gears up for her next single ‘DITK’ from her upcoming album “High Priestess”

Mumbai, 20th October 2021: A multi-creative artist, Nikitaa, who pursues everything that inspires her is currently excited about her indie-pop Album ‘High Priestess’. Rising to prominence in the independent music space, the 26 year-old launched her solo project in 2019 and released over 11 majestic singles across genres and languages in the following years. A year in making, Nikitaa is finally set to release her debut 12 track Album starting with the single ‘ DITK’ is released today. DITK is entirely produced, written, recorded and performed by Nikitaa at her home in Mumbai. The Album ‘High Priestess’ drops on 5th November 2021.

DITK (Dance in the Kitchen), an intimate upbeat track filled with bass, drums and percussions draw inspiration from a very personal space of an artist filled with discomfort and pain. DITK is a true expression of turmoil one faces in an abusive experience and eventually breaks open from it. Women often don’t speak of the darker experiences in their lives because of the way people react. Nikitaa didn’t want that “log kya kahenge” attitude to keep her back from sharing what she wanted through her music.

Further sharing her experience, Nikitaa adds, “DITK in particular is a very vulnerable release for me. It was born from wandering into the kitchen late one night for a midnight snack after everyone had gone to bed. Now that this person was out of my life for good, I finally felt free to do whatever I wanted. There was no one or nothing to stop me in that Kitchen in the middle of the night. It was a bittersweet moment to realise that I could feel this now but didn’t before. It’s a moment of relief, confusion and catharsis. Dance has been as big a part of my life as music and I’ve been training as a dancer just as long as I’ve been training as a singer. I’ve nearly had all my childhood lessons in the living room across from that same kitchen. It felt good and right but also strange and raw to reclaim that space again”.

Check out the video here and enjoy the music:


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