‘Dhun’ by Sarthak unites cultural roots with contemporary appeal

Mumbai, 20th December 2023: ‘Dhun’ marks Sarthak’s second release, following his first release, ‘Phase,’ which garnered an impressive 33,147 streams, secured a spot on the Spotify playlist: Fresh Finds and was added to Best of Fresh Finds of 2022. The track received widespread recognition, being featured on various radio stations and major independent platforms.

‘Dhun’ is a resonant expression of the artist’s longing to break through obscurity, celebrating the impactful nuances of art by inviting listeners on a discovery journey to appreciate the beauty in seemingly subtle, unheard melodies and stories waiting to be unveiled.

Watch the song here:

The song metaphorically mirrors the artist’s struggle for recognition, echoing their silent plea for visibility amidst louder expressions. With Western beats, ‘Dhun’ bridges worlds, uniting cultural roots with contemporary appeal, making it universally relatable.

Sarthak Saksena is a singer and songwriter passionate about blending Indian musical roots with Western flavours. His musical journey started early, delving into melody and rhythm. With over 500 live shows, he looks to mesmerize audiences by merging his classical training with contemporary western vibes.

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