Joerocks’ new song ‘Footsteps’ gives a peek into an artist’s journey

Mumbai, 17th August 2023: Joerocks released his second single, ‘Footsteps’, from the EP a while back. The song captures the essence of being an artist in many ways.

‘Footsteps’ is a story about the mental struggles of being an artist; how one yearns to come out of a hole, fighting inner voices, overcoming outside noise, the need to be alone & to create something meaningful. And then, when that song is out for others to consume – a brief period of elation, rest, project done- comes despair, want, self-doubt, etc- and so the cycle goes on.

Stream the song here:

Talking about the song Joerocks says, “ ‘Footsteps’, the 2nd single from the EP, is an acoustic rock song. It was written as a poem in 2021, at a time when anxieties of song-writing were flirting with my mind. While I overcame that phase, those ghosts came back to haunt me this year as I entered a cave of creative void. ‘Footsteps’ was thus reborn as a song, strangely enough, while I was a little lost as to what to write next”. 

About Joerocks

Gurpreet aka Joerocks is a doctor turned singer-songwriter and guitarist-producer from Delhi. Since April 2020, he has released 13 songs. While some songs deal with social & health issues, he has also released music in the mainstream genre.

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