Indie Music Artist Siddrth’s new Tamil song Paravaigal is about nostalgia and more

Mumbai, 18th September 2022: Indie music artist Siddrth recently released his original Tamil single “Paravaigal”. This song follows the journey of a heartbroken man, so deeply entrenched in his love for a woman that despite the pain that it brings him, continues to seek pleasure in the memories of it, slowly losing his mind to the desperation to relive those moments. While the hook of this chorus is almost ecstatic, the lyrics in the verses talk about a polarising relationship that brought about conflicting emotions.

Watch the video song here:

Speaking about the track Siddrth says “Our past remains in our present, taunting us with the possibility of reliving and experiencing song was inspired by the idea of memories existing eternally in a digital world. Many of these memories again and again. In reality, nostalgia is merely a drug that keeps us going back for more, losing ourselves completely from the present”.

Born and raised in Singapore, he was exposed to a spectrum of musical cultures from a young age. These include hip-hop, rock, electronic, Indian film music as well as Indian classical music. The creative ideas he had at a young age drew him towards music production when he was 16, picking up production tools like Cubase and Logic and experimenting with different sounds and genres. Subsequently he had been part of two bands, both as a lead singer and as a producer for a few years, before pivoting to focus on writing his own original music. He started off writing instrumentals for theatre productions and poetry jams, learning about production techniques and arrangement as a music producer.


In 2020, he decided to embark on the solo artist project of Siddrth, with the vision of bringing together the different cultural and musical influences in Tamil music as well as western pop/hiphop/electronic in a single project. The first original single “Piranthaen” was released in Dec 2020, which had received good reception within the community and was featured during an interview with a local Tamil radio station. Currently he is working towards the release of next second single “Paravaigal” in the coming months, along with the first music video for his originals. He has also released many original covers, that were reimagined to give them new life, with the musical influences that have inspired him.


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