Have you checked out singer-songwriter Rahul Advani’s debut single“Ready To Breathe” off upcoming EP yet?

Bangalore, September 18th, 2022:  Singapore-raised, Bangalore-based singer-songwriter Rahul Advani released his debut single “Ready To Breathe” recently. Combining energetic guitar and piano-driven grooves, “Ready To Breathe” is about what it means to break free from expectations and take the leap to live life on one’s own terms. For this song, Rahul enlisted the help of friends and singer-songwriters Tejas (“Outlast”, “Make It Happen”) and Mali (“Caution to the Wind”) to provide backing vocals, and returned to his high school in Singapore to record with students in the choir he grew up singing in.

Watch the Video Song here:

Sharing more about this release, Rahul Advani said, “I wrote “Ready To Breathe” after a long period of writer’s block. The song’s opening lyric, “I need a little bit of inspiration”, was the starting point for exploring the feeling of being stuck in a suffocating situation and finding the courage to break free. When writing the song, I was influenced by a lot of music from the 2000s that I grew up listening to, from Sara Bareilles to John Mayer, as well as gospel and Motown. Recording “Ready To Breathe” was a long process, as I was juggling recording with a PhD, but working with producer Bani Hidir in Singapore was a dream.”

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On recording “Ready To Breathe”, Rahul Advani said, “Everything came full circle as I got to record with the current members of my high school choir in Singapore where my musical journey first began. It was also special to have singer-songwriters Tejas and Mali sing on backing vocals, especially as it was Tejas who encouraged me to put together an EP after he heard an early demo of this song in 2017.”

A music video starring Vidyuth Gargi (Amazon Prime’s “Pushpavalli”, “Die Trying”) that was filmed through Zoom during lockdown and follows the journey of a call centre employee undergoing the trials of working from home is also out today.

Audio Credits:

Written, Composed and Performed by Rahul Advani

Produced, Guitars, Drums and Backing Vocals by Bani Hidir

Bass by Rohan Advani

Guitars by Rishabh Sharma

Backing Vocals by Tejas Menon, Maalavika Manoj, Sara Wee and UWCSEA Cantabile

Mixed by Nizam Aziz (Studio 47) and Mastered by Scott Hull (Masterdisk)

Artwork by Siddharth Bhatia and Photograph by Indrajit Advani

Music Video Credits:

Directors: Weiqi Chuah and Rahul Advani

Cinematographer: Rajiv Singh

Starring: Vidyuth Gargi

Editor: Martin Loh


About Rahul Advani

Growing up in Singapore, Rahul began playing piano at the age of five and spent his teen years teaching himself how to sing, while his twenties were occupied by his passion for reading and writing about India. By a twist of fate, a PhD in Anthropology found him moving to India for fieldwork where a last-minute dropout in a singing competition led him to take part and eventually be crowned the winner.

Never one to chase the latest trends, Rahul has always been unafraid to stand out from the crowd. Raised on a steady diet of Bollywood and Broadway musicals, Rahul gravitates towards the larger-than-life, penning big, heartfelt pop songs that tug at the heartstrings and celebrate what it means to be alive. “Ready To Breathe” is his debut single and the first track off his upcoming EP.


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