Ikka’s Nishu showcases an unknown side to the singer!

Mumbai, 15th March 2022: After the stupendous success of his track ‘Sab Jaanta Hai’, popular rapper Ikka released his latest track ‘Nishu’ on 15th March. Composed, penned and sung by Ikka, ‘Nishu’ traces his own journey and his early years in life. The track is the title song of his album.

Interestingly, ‘Nishu’ is Ikka’s pet name and since it depicts his life and journey, the title made perfect sense. ‘Nishu’ shows the audiences and his fans the struggles, highs and lows Ikka has been through in order to achieve what he has. The makers have left no stone unturned to give viewers a song that entertaining, foot tapping and yet emotional and meaningful. Nishu is the second track from Ikka’s album and he will soon be releasing the other tracks as well.

Commenting on the track, Ikka says, “Nishu is not just a song for me but it’s who I am. I am blessed that through this video I can relive what I have experienced in the past. I want my fans to witness and experience how I grew up and who Ikka really is. Nishu has been a great musical as well as emotional journey for me as an artist and a human being. With this second track we are really hoping that my fans get an insight of Nishu’s journey and I am eagerly awaiting to release the whole album for my audience and music buffs all over.”

Watch the song and enjoy the experience!

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