Indian origin, Malaysian Reggae icon, Sasi the Don released his latest track ‘Come follow Me’

Mumbai, 15th March 2022: After the runaway successes of his recent releases, namely ABCD with Anuradha Sriram , Daddy Don, Humpty Dumpty and a new version of his chartbuster track ‘Anbe (My Love)’, Indian origin Malaysian Ragae Icon Sasi The Don’s ‘Come follow me’ chronicles his early years and musical influences that have shaped his celebrated career.

Apart from Sasi, ‘Come follow Me’ boasts of several renowned Swedish musicians and Engineers including producer Tomas Granlind who previously produced the music for his iconic collaboration with Dr.Alban in 2008. The track also has famed mixing engineer Martin Ankelius and Bjorn Engelmann, the master mastering engineer who was nominated for this year’s Grammy awards and who has previously worked with The backstreet boys, Britney Spears, West Life among others.

The idea behind ‘Come follow Me’ stems from thoughts and ideas Sasi came up with during the pandemic. While the global lockdown forced the world to be deprived of exploring new experiences, meeting new people and getting inspired, on the flip side it also forced us to think out of the box, create new opportunities and explore uncharted territory in terms of creativity and innovation. Sasi himself used the lockdown prudently and with the help of the Internet he was able to cross geographical boundaries and that enabled him to make the track. The track talks about believing in yourself and making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen.

Commenting about ‘Come follow Me’ and few other exciting developments taking shape this year, Sasi says, “The song is definitely on a different level in terms of sound, the title itself and the music as a whole which has evolved so much. With the world acclimatizing to the new normal, we believe this is the best time to release the track.”

He further adds that as an artist, he is in a happy space and wants to create music to serve and inspire, “I’ve come to a point where i have achieved what I wanted to. I don’t want to be too greedy and being in a happy space and helping people is what I wish to have and do. I have always believed in giving back to society in any and everyway I can and that’s what I intend to do” he says.

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