Kashmira Khot is out with her latest release “Canvas”, and its a must listen!

Mumbai, 16th March 2022: Kashmira is out with her third pop-rock single, ‘Canvas’ and its now streaming across all major platforms. The song can also be streamed on the exclusive Inverted R – Indie Playlist on Spotify.

“Canvas” is a pop-rock melody which wants to get you to groove on the chorus, but also makes sure you pay attention to the lyrics, because it “Sends you a sign to paint your Canvas white” again. It is about propagating the idea of starting with a “Clean slate”.

Talking about the song Kashmira says, ” ‘Canvas’ has a sarcastic tone in the start with the lyrics, pointing out how comfortable we get in a shade, forgetting what we fight for from the start. And provokes you to get out of your space, the procrastination and start anew”.

Stream the song in the Inverted R – Indie Playlist on Spotify below:

Pune-based singer-songwriter Kashmira Khot trained in Indian classical music on and off up until she was 17. Finally, as an 18-year-old she began to pursue Western songs, the kind of music she leaned more towards. “I learned how to play some basic guitar chords and got into composing with more dedication. I started finding musicians who were into Western music too because if it wasn’t for their influence, I don’t know how much I would’ve progressed by myself.”

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