“How Am I Supposed To Feel?” asks Nidhi Chacko in her new single, “Love Drunk”

Mumbai, 5th February 2021: Nidhi Chacko, a singer-songwriter from Kerala, has recently released her new single, “Love Drunk”. “It’s a song about a crush,” says Nidhi, “you know the best parts of a crush…. It kind of wrote itself in a matter of minutes!”

Watch the video song here:

In 2016, Nidhi released an EP called “Super Magic Fairy Wings”, which included songs about love, friendship and independence, like, “Disappear”, “Pictures Of You” and “Tainted”.

You can stream the song on our Inverted R Playlist below, amongst some of the select Indie songs curated for streaming:

Nidhi has been singing and writing songs for as long as she can remember. “You could always find me with a Walkman in my hand,” she says. “It has always a dream to write and record my songs,” she adds. Now, she records her songs in the mini- studio she has in her apartment.

She is working on more songs at the moment, and tells us that we can expect them to be released later this year.


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