Shashaa Tirupati releases her second single “I’m Sorry, Heart” from her debut English EP

Mumbai, 4th February 2022: After the huge success of her single “In My Skin” from her debut English EP, Shashaa Tirupati has just released her second single called “I’m Sorry, Heart”. The song brings yet another beautiful composition and is bound to keep you hooked in. With a mindfully done animation video, this song captures the essence of the feelings of people in general.

About the song, Shashaa says, “Ever feel that feeling where every inch of you is resisting a whirlwind someone’s created in you? When you know nothing fruitful is to come of fuelling it? And yet you’re sucked into the conundrum of right and wrong and caught in the tug-of-war between practicality and fantasy? A vulnerable voice feebly bargains and justifies this unsolicited predicament with what it can’t choose to hide itself from, ie, the heart. Which is the premise of the title track, ‘I’m Sorry, Heart’. There is an intentional reluctance and apprehensiveness with which Keba’s guitars occasionally sheepishly embody and at times unabashedly steer the vocals, emanating the push and pull between reason and innocent petulance”.

Watch the video song here:

Shashaa is a National Award winning vocalist, songwriter and performer whose versatility over an array of thirteen vernaculars has been recognized by several acclaimed composers across various music industries. Raised in Vancouver, Shashaa shot to fame with Bollywood hits such as The Humma Song, Kanha, Khulke Jeene Ka and Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga. With over 200 songs to her credit as a singer / songwriter, Shashaa is currently working on multiple independent music projects and  collaborations. Her maiden EP titled “I’m Sorry, Heart”, due for release in January 2022, features celebrated guitarist Keba Jeremiah. Her second EP, “Stitched” comprises songs written, sung and produced by her.

Listen to the song and watch the video for a visually and sonically delightful experience!

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