‘Feel You Now’ by OAFF & Savera, brings the Party to You

Composers OAFF and Savera recreate their “Gehraaiyan” magic with lyricist Ankur Tewari and singer Lothika, in a new age pop single “Feel You Now”

Mumbai, 10th February 2023: Returning after their smash hit album ‘Gehraiyaan’, OAFF, Savera, Lothika and Ankur Tewari are out with their latest release – the new-age pop single “Feel You Now”. With a damn “FYN” hook, the unique music video is directed by Karan Vaidya and features OAFF, Savera, Lothika and Dheera Johnson partying it up with some completely unexpected guests! Releasing the track on the anniversary of their Gehraiyaan album release, the team is all set to transport you to a world of happiness and joy. This upbeat track is the perfect anthem for a feel-good celebration of life.

Watch the song here:

Penned by Ankur Tewari, the track is composed by OAFF and Savera and sung by Savera and Lothika. This feel-good track is perfect to play at a party, on a drive, or while chilling out.  It will instantly fill you up with good vibes, setting up a “fyn” party mood!

On the launch of the pop single, OAFF said, “With Feel You Now, we wanted to create a track that would bring people together and spread joy. Working together and creating music with Savera, Lothika and Ankur has always been one of my favourite things to do. Releasing the track on the same date as our first Bollywood album Gehraiyaan feels like destiny and I am very excited for it to be out in the world!”.

Photo Source: OAFF Facebook Page

“The sound of ‘Feel You Now’ is completely unique and perfectly reflects out the good vibes that we have been exploring with our music. The track is age-agnostic and we had such fun shooting the music video. Collaborating with OAFF, Lothika and Ankur is always such a pleasure. The track is a joyful surprise that we are excited to share with the listeners”, added singer-director Savera.

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Taking the song to the next level with her amazing vocals, the singer Lothika shared, “Being a part of the track with OAFF and Savera has been amazing. Releasing the song on 8th February also marks the one-year anniversary of the Gehraiyaan album which is a very special moment for us. We are thrilled to share the track with our listeners and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do”.

Photo Source: Ankur Tewari’s Instagram

The critically acclaimed and celebrated lyricist Ankur Tewari added, “I am thrilled on how beautifully the track has turned out to be. The song is a feel-good track that will make you bop your head and dance along with it in all the situations of life. I cannot wait for everyone to experience it. Working with OAFF and Savera is always a great experience and I look forward to creating more such amazing music with them.”

Check out this refreshing new pop single “Feel You Now” and experience the ultimate celebration of life. Listen to the song here – Feel You Now (lnk.to)

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