Love Prevails: An Emotional Journey with ‘Bewajah’ by somanshu & Neeti Mohan

An uplifting duet between somanshu and Neeti Mohan

Mumbai, 10th February 2023: Speaking of challenges and struggles in a relationship, somanshu in association with Day One releases ‘Bewajah’ that will fill you with love, positivity & hope. Vocals by the talented singer-composer-actor somanshu and the gorgeous Neeti Mohan, the video features somanshu and social media influencer Nisha Joshi. This Indian pop song will take the listeners on a journey through the ups and downs of a relationship, exploring the feelings of hope and uncertainty that often accompany these testing times. It is a beautiful blend of Indian and Western music, with an eclectic mix of sounds and instruments that bring out the emotion of the song.

Watch the song here:

The song’s powerful lyrics and emotive vocals capture the struggle of a couple navigating the challenges of their relationship, while the music video offers a glimpse into two parallel universes – where they are just trying to get by in present times and another where their relationship is strong and joyful. The heartfelt lyrics penned by somanshu, Harjaspreet Singh and Murtuza Gadiwala and composed by somanshu, Harjaspreet Singh, Bewajah expresses the longing for better days and the belief that even in the darkest of times, love can still prevail. Written, composed and sung by the talented and emerging artist somanshu, he is known for his work with the amazing musical geniuses like Pritam , Arijit Singh and GenZ artists – Lost Stories and Zaedan.

Neeti Mohan on the launch said, “Singing ‘Bewajah’ was a truly special experience for me. The lyrics and composition of the song is so raw and real, and I feel like I was able to bring a new level of emotion to the song. somanshu is a talent powerhouse who expresses his emotions and wants to connect the listeners through his music. I hope the audience will connect to this beautiful song.”

“I am thrilled to finally share this song with the world,said somanshu on the launch. “I wanted to create a song that would speak and give hope to the people who are going through difficult times and I do it through my music. I believe that the listeners will connect to the song and it will give them the strength to keep going. Collaborating with Neeti Mohan was a dream, she understood the emotions and I hope the listeners will love this collaboration. I can’t wait for listeners to connect with the story we’ve created.”

Watch the song and give your playlist an upgrade with “Bewajah”!

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