‘GUSTAKHIYA’ by ThisisSHARDUL & ADDY PAULL offers a beacon of hope amidst the turmoil

Mumbai, 27th April 2024: ThisisSHARDUL and ADDY PAULL, have released their latest single “GUSTAKHIYA,”. This emotionally charged track delves into themes of loss, betrayal, and the struggle for closure in turbulent times.

With poignant lyrics reflecting universal experiences, “GUSTAKHIYA” explores the complexities of grief, toxic relationships, and the quest for understanding amidst adversity. Speaking about the song, ThisisSHARDUL shares, “This song is about many things; losing a loved one, being in a losing battle through a toxic relationship; most of all, being repeatedly betrayed by someone you hold very close to you.”

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Drawing inspiration from personal struggles, ADDY PAULL reflects, “I was in a relationship with a girl who I had deeply fallen for. In a long time, I thought I had found the girl. She was perfect in her own messed up way. I found out later that I was just another guy in a rolodex. That hurt. A lot of this song comes from that feeling.”

Despite its sombre theme, “GUSTAKHIYA” offers a glimmer of hope and solace. ThisisSHARDUL and ADDY PAULL aim to connect with listeners on a profound level, offering a musical refuge for those grappling with similar struggles. “Our goal is to provide comfort through our music, reminding listeners that they are not alone in their pain,” adds ThisisSHARDUL.

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Acknowledging the song’s universality, the duo recognizes that each listener may interpret its message in their own unique way. “We hope ‘GUSTAKHIYA’ resonates with people in their own personal struggles and serves as a source of strength,” says ADDY PAULL.

“GUSTAKHIYA” promises to be a touching song for those navigating life’s challenges. Through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, ThisisSHARDUL and ADDY PAULL offer a beacon of hope for anyone seeking comfort in the midst of turmoil.

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