‘Dil Ki Zubaan’ by Mayur Rao will surely be a part of your romantic playlist

Mumbai, 26th July 2023: Singer and Music Composer Mayur Rao is out with his latest single called ‘Dil Ki Zubaan’. This soulful ballad is written by Anurag Dubey. The song is a happy romantic song. A girl is sulking and her guy is trying to woo her back by saying let’s talk and sort it out together and that is the whole story of the track.

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Speaking about the song, Mayur who has also produced this soulful number shares “I had a tune in mind and wanted to make a very Unplugged yet Happy Romantic Song. I remember sending the tune to my buddy Anurag and I told him to write whatever he feels like in this one. The only requirement I need is to give me a Happy Romantic Track because this song just needed to be in those emotions. The topic of this cute track was chosen by him, and he sent me the final lyrics in the next hour or two and we were ready. The words gave all the feelings I needed to sing this, and the rest is history. I am really thankful to everyone who has listened to my previous songs and I hope people will listen to this and give their love and affection on this song too”.

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Anurag Dubey, a rapper who goes by the stage name Mr Bratbeat says “Sometimes some lyrics comes very easily and straight from the heart and this is one of them. What I enjoyed the most on this song was to write simple lyrics which connects with everyone and give them a lot of joy while listening to this and Dil Ki Zubaan gives you all of that and some more. When I heard the final master track from Mayur, I was just hearing it on repeat. That is the power of a good song and I hope people will love it as much as we did when we made this song”.

Mayur will be coming up very soon with a 4 song multi-genre EP. It will be featuring 4 different artists who will be bringing something different yet exciting to the EP and it’s one to look forward to. Meanwhile, Anurag aka Mr Bratbeat will be coming up with many of his singles which will be a treat for all the music lovers.

‘Dil Ki Zubaan’ is available on all the streaming platforms. Hear it and share it!

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