NEXA Music presents “When You Criticise” – a melodic finale celebrating 8 years of innovation and artistry

Mumbai, 26th July 2023: NEXA Music, Maruti Suzuki’s NEXA celebrates their 8th Year Anniversary with the release of the season finale of their original English music IP, “When You Criticise”. A composition from AR Rahman, NEXA Music is a first-of-its-kind platform that identifies the best emerging original independent musicians from across the country and provides a platform to showcase their skills. The second season spotlighted indie musicians from the country, bringing in 3000+ entries, in association with established artists the likes of Clinton Cerejo, Mikey McCleary, Monica Dogra, and Uday Benegal.

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In the true spirit of the property, “When You Criticise” encapsulates the everlasting essence of music, with A.R. Ameen’s debut English original, fostered by the composition of the maestro A.R. Rahman aims to elevate the benchmark set by the previous season and provide a revolutionary message to fill the void of criticism. Shuba, an internet phenomenon, joins hands with this exceptional pair to bridge the gap between sensational music and impactful lyrics.

The foot-tapping composition of “When You Criticise,” aligned with A.R. Ameen’s soulful voice and Subha’s lyrical expertise, promises to captivate audiences and leave them enthralled by the euphoric journey. The compelling narrative in the video complements the song’s emotive storytelling, serving the perfect blend of the audio-visual spectrum.

Driving the creation and execution of “When You Criticise” is Qyuki Digital Media, a pioneering new media company. Qyuki’s dedication to fostering creativity and their contribution to the music industry has been pivotal in making this project reality. With the help of their remarkable presence on social media over the years, Qyuki took charge of the campaign with a 360-degree approach involving content marketing, Radio, OOH, and multiple social media channels to amplify the marketing campaign for the song, creating buzz and excitement among music fanatics.

A.R. Rahman says, “NEXA Music is a blessing for indie artists. I’m all energized to do a song along with a new breed of over 24 singers.

The song “When You Criticise” came alive with Shuba’s lyrics — she is a brilliant, multi-faceted singer-songwriter who understands today’s vibe from a global perspective —  especially complementing young Ameen’s state of mind and musicality. I’m glad the song is being received well! NEXA Music is truly encouraging us to come up with more exciting and colorful music.”

Juhi Mehta, COO of Qyuki Digital, “As the COO of Qyuki, I am thrilled to present ‘When You Criticise’, the sensational season finale for NEXA Music S2, by none other than the maestro A.R. Rahman. This masterpiece showcases the true essence of indie music and is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation. Rahman’s unparalleled talent, combined with NEXA Music’s commitment to supporting emerging artists, has brought us a song that will undoubtedly resonate with music lovers around the world. ‘When You Criticise’ is a triumph and a fitting culmination of a groundbreaking season for NEXA Music. 

About NEXA

Launched in 2015, NEXA offers a global car buying experience to customers, combining unmatched hospitality, innovative technology, and a global lifestyle. With over 407 showrooms across 250+ cities, NEXA is the 3rd largest retail automobile brand in terms of volume. NEXA’s product lineup includes a complete range of premium best-sellers, including IGNIS, BALENO, CIAZ, S-CROSS, and XL6.


Founded by Samir Bangara and Co-Founded by A.R. Rahman, and Shekhar Kapur, Qyuki is a data-driven new media company that discovers and invests in India’s most influential creators, helping them rapidly grow their audience, create content, and launch new IPs. Qyuki’s premium formats like ARRived, Jammin’, and NEXA Music have been instrumental in promoting originality and innovation within the Indian music industry.

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