Def Jam India brings Dino James and GD47 together for ’11:11’

Mumbai, 8th December 2023: Def Jam India has released a collaboration track that showcases the unmatched talent of Indian rap’s rising stars – GD 47 and Dino James. Their debut collaborative single, “11:11,” not only marks a pivotal moment in their meteoric rise but also serves as a testament to their indomitable spirit and creative prowess.

“11:11” is a compelling narrative that weaves together the journeys of two extraordinary artists. GD 47, mentored by the esteemed Dino James during MTV Hustle, now stands shoulder to shoulder with his mentor, creating a powerful synergy that reverberates through every beat and lyric of the track. The single delves into their humble beginnings, reflecting on the struggles and triumphs that have defined their paths in the world of Indian rap.

Talking about the song and the collaboration, Dino James says, “My heart fills with immense joy collaborating with GD 47 for this track. I have literally seen him evolve in front of me and being unstoppable. It was a great experience working on this insanely powerful track, I am sure people are going to love this collab”.

Watch the song here:

Sharing his excitement of working with his MTV Hustle Mentor, GD 47 shares, “Dino James is one of the most iconic rappers India has and first being his mentee and now collaborating with him is the best thing that can happen to an artist. He has been a great mentor in my journey and an even a greater co-artist. The making of the song was so smooth and was a learning experience in itself. Eagerly looking forward to listeners’ reaction to 11:11”.

The track opens with GD 47’s hard-hitting bars, offering a glimpse into his roots and the raw energy that sets him apart in the Punjabi rap scene. Dino James, known as the voice of India’s youth, follows with unruly and aggressive verses that assert his unwavering position at the top of the rap game. The mentor-protege dynamic is palpable, with each artist bringing their unique style and perspective to the table.

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