Khushi Sadry releases her latest song, ‘Tight Hug Sohneya’

Mumbai, 8th December 2023: Get ready for a musical journey through the pangs of long-distance love as playback singer and multifaceted artist Khushi Sadry, a proud Parsi girl hailing from Mumbai, releases her latest Punjabi single, “Tight Hug Sohneya.” This soulful track, accompanied by a captivating music video, paints a poignant picture of a cross-continental romance, echoing the emotions of lovers separated by miles.

“Tight Hug Sohneya” — A Melodic Tale of Long-Distance Yearning

In this fantastic song, Khushi Sadry lends her enchanting voice to narrate the struggles of a girl in a long-distance relationship. The poignant lyrics reflect the challenges faced when distance becomes a barrier to communication, portraying a tale of missed calls and unread messages, all wrapped in the evocative melody of Punjabi beats.

Watch the song here:

Khushi Sadry — A Versatile Artist

Khushi Sadry, a Mumbai-based playback singer, fashion model, and skilled actress, has been captivating audiences since the young age of 5. With over 900 live performances worldwide, her talent transcends borders. Khushi’s artistic journey extends beyond music, showcasing her versatility as an actress in notable short films like ‘Showreel’ and ‘Miss You,’ along with a stint in the Hollywood movie ‘Dream of Consciousness.’

Khushi Sadry’s star has ascended to the grand stage, having performed at prestigious events such as the IIFA Awards and Radio Mirchi Awards. She has also graced the opening performances for Salman Khan’s Da-Bang World Tour in cities like London, Atlanta-USA, and Delhi, leaving an indelible mark with her electrifying stage presence.

As a playback singer, Khushi has lent her soulful voice to several Bollywood songs, earning acclaim for her emotive renditions. 

According to Khushi, “I’m a dedicated and industrious individual with a strong desire to contribute through my work. Creating my first original single, ‘Tight Hug Sohneya,’ has been an incredible journey, and I’m thrilled about the many more musical ventures in the pipeline. I firmly believe in the mantra of ‘try and try until you succeed.’ Every effort is a testament to my unwavering commitment and hard work.”

A Distinguished Live Performer

Khushi is known singer, sharing the stage with renowned performers like Mika Singh, Meet Brothers, Sukhwinder Singh, Rahul Vaidya, and more, in numerous live singing shows across India and around the world. Her dynamic stage presence and collaborative performances have added to the magic of these musical extravaganzas.

‘Tight Hug Sohneya’ — A Collaborative Release

This song is being unveiled by Sky Digital India, on their Mad4Music YouTube channel, boasting over 8 million subscribers. The song is also being released and distributed by Warner Music India, one of the country’s premier music labels, promising a widespread reach for this heart-touching melody.

Khushi Sadry’s journey echoes the wisdom of Buddha: “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” This encapsulates Khushi’s approach to her craft, where passion meets purpose in every note and lyric.

About Khushi Sadry

Khushi Sadry is not just a playback sensation but a versatile artist hailing from Mumbai. With a career spanning live performances, acting in short films, and even gracing the Hollywood screens, Khushi’s talent knows no bounds. “Tight Hug Sohneya” is the latest addition to her illustrious portfolio, capturing the essence of long-distance love with her soulful voice.

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