Sahil Haque’s “Broken Cigarettes” takes you through its own journey!

Mumbai, 1st July 2021: Sahil Haque is a singer-songwriter from Kolkata, India. Also a medical student, who is always trying to balance it as much as possible, he looks to bring some fresh music for the listeners. He was introduced into music by his mother and began performing from when he was just 7.

About the song Sahil says, “We all have been there, you know just laying in bed and looking through our phones, trying to find the missing pieces to our boredom instead of doing something that we feel is productive. This is a song that talks about procrastination, and with it the emotions that I felt specifically the morning I wrote this song. The night was tiring for me and I needed a fresh start but who can run away from stalling their own work schedule. So I ended up writing about the things that were happening around me and in my head as well. The song is pretty straightforward with it’s lyrics and a mellow undertone to make the emotion in it even more prominent”.

Talking about his song writing he says, “I got into writing from when I was 15-16 and wrote a couple of songs and proses for local performers and drama clubs. All the songs that I’ve written including Broken Cigarettes are very emotion based with subtle yet touching lyrics. I love to write songs that people can relate to in their own unique ways. This is my second studio release, and I hope that you enjoy listening to it”.

The link of the song is below, give it a listen and spread a word!



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