Ashish Patil Releases Powerful Punjabi Ballad, ‘Beparwaiyan’

The social media sensation with 250M+ views drops a searing music video about resilience and heartbreak

Mumbai, 13th October, 2021: Ashish Patil has released a new single, the Punjabi ballad ‘Beparwaiyan.’ The viral musician (who has over 250M views on his YouTube channel) bemoans a past love in his latest track. Born out of a meeting with hip-hop artist Mirzaa aka Akash Sharma, ‘Beparwaiyan’ is the culmination of both the musicians’ resilience and evolution. The emotional ballad features a spitfire rap verse by Mirzaa that ties together the strength and heartbreak of the track. As ‘Beparwaiyan’ also includes Hindi lyrics, Patil hopes more people connect and resonate with the song.

Watch the music video for ‘Beparwaiyan’ here:

The accompanying music video relates the story of a breakup and shows how the incident comes full circle for both lovers. The four-minute clip sees Patil reminisce about his past romance and yearn for his beloved. He’s a heartbroken man on the precipice of acceptance, reeling through the emotions that arise from distance. Patil’s raw vocals are a searing reminder of the pain one endures in a breakup; the Punjabi ballad is a powerful song of enduring grief. In the end, Patil burns his lover’s letters and finds peace.

Talking about the song, Ashish Patil says, “This song is really close to my heart as I think it’s probably my best work so far. It’s been a crazy ride but Qyuki has shown a lot of faith in my work and supported me throughout, I want to thank them for all the help. I really hope the audience sees all the effort that’s gone into making this and receives it well”.

Adding to what Ashish, said, Juhi Mehta, COO Qyuki, remarked, “Ashish is extremely talented and hardworking. His ability to express emotions through music is what sets him apart and makes him stand out. Qyuki is extremely happy to be associated with talents like these. We wish Ashish all the best for Beparwaiyan and hope the audience likes it just as much as we did”.

Patil has released ‘Beparwaiyan’ on his birthday. It marks a special project as ‘Beparwaiyan’ sees Patil unveil a different side of his artistry with his tapping into pop, hip-hop and poetic lyricism. The track is symbolic of Patil’s own heartbreak and past relationships; the artist hopes people can relate to his journey and walk away with some empathy in the process. The single marks his 5th original release since 2016 when he first began his viral career. Listeners can expect a lot more music in the near future as Patil continues to level up his artistry and deliver an exciting, new sound.

Watch the song and enjoy the music!

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