Rohan Solomon’s walks the tightrope of yo-yo relationships in his new autumnal earworm

The singer-songwriter’s call for change with his August 2021 single We Demand Change was honoured well by global radio audiences which led the song straight to the Top 5 & top 20 spot on international radio charts recently. Now, Rohan Solomon has just dropped an upbeat autumnal earworm called Set Me Free     


Mumbai, 14th October 2021: Rohan Solomon is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Vocal Coach and Audio Engineer, all rolled into one. In between the time he spent in his hometown New Delhi and The Big Apple, his love for pop-choruses grew along with his reputation of being a ‘conscious songwriter’. Bringing in the beautiful contrast of autumn with the vibe of needed endings & new beginnings on the menu, Solomon’s new single Set Me Free is quite likely to stick on your playlist. The autumnal earworm comes bearing global chart-topper’s signature with beautiful harmonies, surrounded by a symphony orchestra with violin, viola, cello, double bass, celeste, harp, timpani, french horn, trombone, tube & more on a bed of organic instruments. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that one’s begun to expect the delicacy of symphonic treatment along with the warm tone of acoustic guitar in the fedora totting musician’s songs.  


Set Me Free is both a story of unrequited love & rollercoaster emotions. This is a song about love, loss & acceptance, “The feeling of unrequited love is something that we all can relate to.This song is about the moment in a relationship when you truly realise that it’s not going to work and finally accept that it is pretty much one sided and will not work out. That moment of clarity can be such a bitter sweet thing because you get set free or you set yourself free from the burden of that situation but at the same time unrequited love is quite a bitter pill to swallow. The story is basically a first person narration. Think of it as a message from the protagonist to a girl to either be all in or just him go so that he can find someone else…someone better who can ‘Set Me Free’ from this vicious circle. The ‘stringing along’ part has a huge role to play in developing the artwork for this song,” says Solomon, who has also been a part of a Grammy award winning track by Anderson Paak. 


The instrumentation and vocals equitably bring forth the feelings of confusion, helplessness and of the resolve to quit the corroding vicious cycle of uncertainty in a beautiful composition by Rohan. But it was the comeback of Solomon’s favourite vocal harmonies that provided a welcome change for the artist in his second release of the year. 


After a string of well-appreciated singles that chronicled different shades of the pandemic life in 2020, The New Delhi/New York-based artist had released a compelling new single titled We Demand Change, in June, 2021 followed by a self-directed & self-shot iPhone video of the track in July 13th, 2021. The track that made it to the top 5 spot on Euro Indie Music Charts and the top 20 of World Indie Music Charts. The powerful track gained significant praise from the media and audiences as ‘a fierce poignant anthem’ and ‘pean of hope’. The new single, while staying true to Rohan’s artistic core & style, is a bit  lighter in comparison to the subjects & feel that his few releases tackled.


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