Shachi Pathak touches soul with her latest release “October”

Mumbai, 12th October 2021: Shachi Pathak is a singer-songwriter, on the way to building a fantasy world for herself and her listeners. From the very inception of my life she has been immersed with music, which then became a hobby and soon, her passion. She started releasing music in the year 2020 itself as soon as the world and she was hit by a Global Pandemic.

Shachi has released a soul touching song, October, recently and when asked about the song, she said, “I’ve written this song for my mother, who passed away fighting cancer, 6 years back in October. It has been the biggest loss in my life, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. All that comes out of my heart and soul, is in this song. I also wrote this song when I saw so many people losing their loved ones in the second wave of the pandemic. It broke my heart to see millions of people go through what I have been through. The sad part of the truth is not losing the person, but to live life after they are gone. That is tough. The time when you don’t know what to do with their clothes (they still hold their smell), when you decide to move out of the house they lived in with you, when you try to put their photo on the walls of the new house, it is all very tough to deal with. All of this is what I’ve tried to write in this song, hoping people would connect and we all could share our griefs and sorrows together in order to calm down the pain”.

“October” is a sad pop song, which transitions into a huge bridge which is pop rock in the end. Very rare combination! The song has been produced by Suyash and Saurabh Trivedi, who has done full justice to it and brought together what you’ll hear now. Check the song out on Spotify, link is give below:


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