Armaan Malik set to debut with his Apple Radio show titled ‘Only Just Begun’

Mumbai, 4th April 2024: Known for his extraordinary musical talent, singer-songwriter Armaan Malik is expanding his influence into new realms. Breaking ground as the first Indian musician to do so, he is debuting his eagerly awaited radio show titled ‘Only Just Begun’, exclusively on Apple Music worldwide. Set to debut on April 5th, 2024, the show promises a stellar lineup of guests, both nationally and internationally acclaimed from the music industry. Over a six-week global rollout, listeners on Apple Music can delve into each episode, where Armaan candidly discusses his musical journey, vision and passion alongside esteemed guests.

Ecstatic about his grand radio debut, Armaan Malik said, “I’m absolutely elated to introduce ‘Only Just Begun Radio’, my inaugural radio show. It’s been an incredible journey curating and sharing meaningful conversations with talented musicians, both from India and beyond. ‘Only Just Begun Radio’ serves as a safe space for these guests to candidly share their stories, and how their journeys have intertwined with mine in profound ways. More than just a radio show, we aspire to unveil the compelling stories behind everyone’s favourite artists and their melodies, offering listeners an authentic and immersive audio experience like no other”.

On the work front, Armaan Malik has been busy with his musical career, lending his vocals to the latest songs ‘Jazbaati Hai Dil’ for ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’ and ‘Jeetega Tera Junoon’ for ‘Patna Shuklla’. He has also been sharing the stage with international music artists like Ed Sheeran, Marshmello and Lauv, showcasing his talent on a global level.

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