I aim to strike a balance between lyrical depth and rhythm: Chaar Diwaari

Garv Taneja aka Chaar Diwaari, hailing from New Delhi, has been on a roll for quite some time. With back-to-back tracks on Def Jam India, Chaar Diwaari is continuing to solidify his craft and presence in the industry. Recently, upon the release of his latest track ‘Thehra’, we had a brief interaction with him. Here’s what he has to say.

Violence, Jhaag and now Thehra, what is the binding thread for these three songs that have come from you through Def Jam India?

As an artist, I believe in embracing the essence of authenticity and raw expression in my music. Each of my songs, including “Violence”, “Jhaag”, and “Thehra” embody a unique sound and visual identity, reflecting diverse artistic range and creative vision. The common thread that binds these songs together is the spirit of pushing boundaries and fully immersing oneself in the creative process. Whether it’s delving into the complexities of societal issues or exploring personal narratives. Collaboration with Def Jam India has helped me to amplify my voice and share a unique perspective with audiences worldwide.

How has been the collaboration with Def Jam India shaping up?

It’s been a fantastic journey so far, filled with creative freedom and opportunities to explore new artistic horizons. I’m thankful for the support and the trust that Def Jam India has placed in me. I’m excited to continue pushing the envelope and creating meaningful music that resonates with audiences.

Watch ‘Thehra’ here:

What makes Thehra special for you as an artist?

With Thehra, I’ve been focusing on crafting meaningful lyrics and creating melodies that resonate deeply with listeners. It’s an exciting evolution for me, and Thehra represents the first of many songs where I aim to strike a balance between lyrical depth and rhythm.

Being a producer yourself, how does it help the overall song and music making process?

As a producer, I have the unique advantage of being able to create my own soundscapes and bring my musical vision to life in a way that’s truly authentic to me. This level of creative control allows me to explore and experiment with different sounds and textures, resulting in music that feels genuinely reflective of my artistic identity.

What are the plans for the rest of the year 2024?

I’m focusing on releasing two singles and an EP. My goal is to continue creating music that resonates with both me and my audience. I believe in the power of artistic expression and am dedicated to pursuing my passion for music. By staying true to myself and embracing creativity, I aim to share meaningful stories and experiences through my upcoming releases.

Well, while we wait for the new releases, ‘Thehra’ plays on loop, what are you guys up to!

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