KSHMR And Seedhe Maut Team Up On Hip-Hop Heist Track ‘Bhussi’

Mumbai, 9th July 2023: Subsequent to the release of the immensely popular Haathi Varthi’ featuring MC StanIndian-American DJ-producer KSHMR announces the arrival of the second track from his much-awaited Indian hip-hop album ‘KARAM’.

Watch the song here: 

Titled ‘Bhussi’, the bouncy—yet chillingly menacing—anthem with its clever wordplay, groovy rhyme and infectious hook, features Delhi-based popular rap duo Seedhe Maut who are rapping at a breakneck pace. The track talks about a protagonist who embodies a hustler-like ambition and in an effort to boost his street cred, he assembles his crew of trusted aides for his first-ever heist.

Throughout the crisp record that also features Karan Kanchan on the production credits alongside KSHMR, Seedhe Maut are seen trading bars about a high-stakes, large-scale bank robbery that is sure to have the listeners rooting for the robbers.

KSHMR states, “The creation of Bhussi was very organic. Karan Kanchan, one of my favorite producers in the DHH scene, was in the studio with me before Seedhe Maut arrived and we had begun passing ideas back and forth for a beat. We knew we wanted something simple and hard-hitting, with lots of room for Seedhe Maut to show off their lyricism. When they arrived, it was love at first listen! I told them about the story of the album: a boy from rags who starts a gang and rises to power. We agreed the perfect moment to use for inspiration was early on when the main character gathers his friends to rob a store. The gang’s mentality is to make money by any means necessary and Seedhe Maut deliver that same fierce energy.”

The offering is paired with an action-packed music video and is not to be a run-of-the-mill hip hop video. Inspired by a bank robbery scene from the Amitabh Bachhan Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Aankhen’, the music video sees KSHMR essaying the role of an Indian news reporter. With a combination of dark and gritty scenes juxtaposed with high-energy sequences and comic references, the music video with its’ warm vintage tones unfolds like a scene out of a 90’s Bollywood flick!

Seedhe Mautstate, “We’ve been listening to KSHMR for years, ‘Like a G6’ has been one of our favourite tracks by him since it released. When this opportunity came up to collaborate, we decided to bring Bhussi to life. Working on the collaboration with KSHMR was a milestone, and it’s surreal to listen to his tracks over the years and now have one with him. Creating Bhussi was a great experience, and working on such an exciting concept made the song interesting to write about. This word itself holds a lot of meaning for us and the Seedhe Maut Nation; creating a track around the sentiment of Bhussi with KSHMR made it more special.” KSHMR’s star-studded album ‘KARAM’ which releases exclusively on Dharma Worldwide and Mass Appeal India will feature desi hip-hop frontrunners. The upcoming album serves as a timely reminder about KSHMR’s cultural lineage and deep-seated connection with India.

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