Siddhant Goenka’s “Alvida”, A Rock-Pop Farewell That Hits All the Right Notes

Mumbai, 14th June 2024: Get ready to plug in your headphones and crank up the volume because Siddhant Goenka is back with his latest single, “Alvida”! This dynamic pop-rock track is here to sweep you off your feet with its electric guitars, distinctive distorted aalap post-chorus, and a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Alvida” is a powerful reflection on all relationships that have seen better days and eventually faded away. With a verse-chorus structure, the song moves from verses filled with hope to a chorus brimming with anguish and anger. The emotional depth is palpable, making this track both intense and uplifting.

Watch the song here:

Since the first release, “Kacchi Raahon Pe” in August 2023, Siddhant has been creating magic with Pratham Sheth. Their partnership of collaboration, pushing each other to explore new creative heights. Siddhant pens the lyrics and crafts the melodies, while Pratham helps turn these ideas into polished gems. Together, they experiment with diverse sounds and elements, bringing a fresh twist to every song.

Siddhant’s creative journey starts with voice notes, capturing melodies and lyrics as they come to him. “Alvida” flows naturally without a bridge, feeling complete in its verse-chorus structure. The verses carry a hopeful tone, transitioning into a chorus that’s raw with emotion.

One of the standout moments in “Alvida” is the alaap paired with a solo guitar. This spontaneous addition wasn’t planned but emerged naturally in the studio, embodying Siddhant’s belief in the unplanned magic of music creation. This emotional spontaneity is what gives “Alvida” its unique charm.

The music video for “Alvida” is a visual treat created with AI tools. It features a figure in a leather jacket, strumming a guitar against a backdrop of a world on fire. As the song progresses, the visuals shift to eerie and dark backgrounds, leaving the storytelling open to interpretation.

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