Anika makes her debut with the single “Hot Air Balloon”

Mumbai, 13th September 2021: Anika Bharwani, who goes by her first name, Anika, makes her debut with a heart warming song, ‘Hot Air Balloon’. , Anika is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter. She was born and brought up in Mumbai but has just recently shifted to Goa, the susegad state of India which perfectly matches the vibe of her debut track.

‘Hot Air Balloon’ was written during the first wave of the pandemic when everything seemed unfamiliar and gloomy. Anika’s debut song is about the little things in life. It could be drinking a warm cup of coffee, reading poetry to satisfy your inner romantic or even getting eight hours of sleep! It opens your eyes to what is usually overlooked in our daily, busy lives. The track includes calming vocals, gentle strums of the acoustic guitar and dreamy harmonies by Anika. It also features a Mayeresque electric guitar solo by Nyzel Dlima who is also the producer of ‘Hot Air Balloon.’ Fun fact: the birds at the beginning of the song was actually
sampled by Dlima outside his house. But Anika says “the most important part of the song, or most songs for the matter of fact, is the lyrics. Personally, I believe that the simplest lyrics are the most beautiful” which is what Anika aims to achieve in her debut song. Anika is currently working on her upcoming releases and is set to release her other originals soon.

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