Bharat Goel and Tushar Joshi join hands for a pop ballad titled ‘Ek Woh Pal’

The soulful track composed by Bharat Goel and sung by Tushar Joshi, released on TM Music’s official YouTube channel on 14th September.

Mumbai, 15th September 2021: Composer Bharat Goel who’s discography comprises of melodies like Ek Bewafaa, Yeh Raabta and Love Latte released his new single ‘Ek Woh Pal’. The song is released on TM Music’s official YouTube channel on 14th September. Tushar Joshi of Musafir (Jagga Jasoos) fame has sung this beautiful song penned by Kaushal Kishore.

‘Ek Woh Pal’ is a contemporary pop ballad that will make you appreciate & fall in love with little moments in your daily life. The video of the song takes us back the days when the lockdown was in full force and each one of us had our own stories but the only thing that all of us had in common was ‘Love’. The poignant track is bound to strike a chord with the audiences and with it’s soulful sound, the makers certainly have a winner on the cards. The video also features Bharat Goel and Tushar Joshi.

Commenting on the same, Tarsame Mittal founder of TM Music says “Ek woh Pal is a gentle reminder from our daily lives that despite all the struggles, there are always priceless moments present if you pay attention. Moments where you feel happy and content. A song that focuses & highlights the simple joys in life.”

Composer of the song Bharat Goel feels that the song will bring back lovely memories which one had with their dear ones, “Life could be summed up as a beautiful montage of memorable moments. Moments of pure joy, exhilaration, pride, peace and satisfaction as well as moments of sadness, melancholy etc. I wanted to compose a song celebrating these moments and all the emotions they represent through music. Ek Woh Pal features simple yet meaningful writing by Kaushal Kishore and a heart touching vocal rendition by Tushar Joshi, I am confident that audiences across varying walks of life will love and relate to the song”, he says.

Tushar Joshi who has lent his melodious voice to track says, “Sometimes all you need is someone reminding you of the good times you have had in life, something which brings a smile on your face. This song is a mood changer and I loved singing it.”

“The line from the song ‘Pal tere saath ke Pal tere baad ke’ sums up the essence of the song. We all have someone who we are extremely close to and can’t imagine being without and this track will connect with all of those people. The difference of being with someone and without someone important is only realised when that person isn’t with us,” says lyricist of the track Kaushal Kishore.


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