Manu Rajeev releases his single “Chotasa Safar” inspired by his romance for Trains

Mumbai, 11th September 2021: Singer, composer and music producer Manu Rajeev has released his single “Chotasa Safar”. This melodious single was conceived during his lockdown days and is inspired from his lovely train rides that he has had over the years. After the success of his previous single “Purani Yaadein” and “Valentino” this single is his next.

About the song Manu says “During these trying times, past memories and moments have been comforting safe spaces for me. Subtle moments otherwise ignored and lost in the turbulence of life, gleam like small beacons of hope and comfort when all else seems lost. It was as if I travelled back in time to these moments and re- lived them. The song “Chotasa Safar” is one such moment frozen in time. It would have gone unnoticed normally, but what is normal these days. I have always been a romantic for trains, they somehow feel as if from another dimension, in which I’d love to get lost in. Sometimes I reminisce about them and the journeys I’ve made. The song is also a metaphor, something akin to the journey of life; uncertain, lonely yet so wonderfully beautiful”.

Manu Rajeev is a Music Composer, Music Producer, and Singer from Kerala and working in the Mumbai film industry for the last 12 years. He started his career at UTV Delhi and moved on to work as an independent music composer and producer.

Check out his new song and explore his work, what the video here:

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