Pelican Shuffles’ “Dreams” is a visual delight, and the song keeps you hooked!

Mumbai, 20th March 2021: Pelican Shuffles have recently released a video song, “Dreams” and it’s a song that will keep you hooked on right from the word go. Speaking about their work, Varun says, “From downtown Calcutta, Pelican Shuffles, the band has two eps and have also toured gigs all over the country: The Stable Mumbai, High Street Phoenix Mumbai, Piano Man Gurgaon, Piano Man Delhi, Hard Rock Cafe Kolkata, Topcat CCU.”

Also, speaking about this song, he says, “Dreams is about a lazy Sunday afternoon, where you want to doze off and have a little dream, but even a simple afternoon turns into an inception themed part, where there is a dream within a dream.”

“One of the most unique songs I have worked on. Comes like a breath of fresh air in an environment of tired sounding musical offerings”, said Rohan Ganguli, the man with guitar and production.

Subhomoy Mitra, who has put bass into the song said, “I feel Dreams is one of the funkiest tracks coming from the country. Especially with the catchy guitar arpeggios, harmonized guitar solo, snappy drums and a kickass bassline. This video is also a nice icing on the cake complementing the unique track with its own uniqueness”.

The song was recorded at Blooperhouse Studios, Rohan Ganguli Produced the EP, it is mixed by Abhibroto Mitra and mastered by Sara Carter.

Arjun Kar, the creator of this quirky video said, “The whole idea of the video was definitely pretty random.  It started off as making a pizza, based on Pratiksha’s recipe videos and then started giving each slice a character. As the characters came to life, for some bizarre reason, they have a hustle between each other. And as that one slice survived it (with the help of some random incidents) a monster arose as a challenge, to which the only escape was jumping into reality, and trying his/her luck. It’s just basically as bizarre and random as a dream, the process of shooting and making it was pretty similar. In the end, we just had to kind of wake that guy back up.” And Varun added by saying, “We basically wanted to make the most weird video of all time”.

Band Members in EP

Varun Gujadhur        Vocals and Guitar

Subhomoy Mitra       Bass

Aditya Dutta             Drums

Rohan Ganguli         Guitar and Production

Other Credits

Backing Vocals         Ellerene Nongbri and Prashant Gujadhur






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