Zeba Khan brings the heat in “Kar Gayi Assar” with Danish Bhat

Mumbai, 12th June 2024: Zeba Khan, a shining star from Lucknow, is poised to captivate audiences in the highly anticipated music video “Kar Gayi Assar,” featuring Danish Bhat.

Zeba’s journey from Lucknow to Mumbai is a true testament to following one’s dreams. Since childhood, she has aspired to make a mark in the glamorous world of acting. After impressing in auditions for major brands like Jeep and Baggit, Zeba’s star is on the rise. “I’ve always dreamed of being an actress, and now I’m finally living that dream. Moving from Lucknow to Mumbai and making it on my own has been an incredible journey. Every audition, every role has brought me closer to this moment, and I’m so grateful to be doing what I love every day,” she reflects.

Watch the song here:

Not just an actress, Zeba is a powerhouse of talent with a fiery passion for dance, action, and gymnastics. From backflips and front flips to intense action sequences, Zeba excels in all. She is not just breaking stereotypes but shattering them with every move.

Reflecting on the song, Zeba says, “Being a part of this project has been exhilarating, and I can’t wait for everyone to feel the energy and passion we’ve put into it. Working with the entire team has been a dream, and I believe this track will resonate with everyone who listens to it.”

Zeba’s screen presence promises to make this track an instant hit. The song’s catchy beats and striking visuals are set to dominate playlists and social media feeds, making it the anthem of the season.

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