In a world of red flags & situationships, W.i.S.H. drops ‘THERAPY’

Mumbai, 12th June 2024: W.i.S.H. recently dropped their third single, “Therapy”. In a world of red flags and complicated situationships, “Therapy” breaks out as a detox anthem, exuding a raw, infectious energy.

The music is upbeat, the drop exciting and the lyrics hit home. “Main Hoon Azad” — I am free and “I rule my heart” is a sassy declaration of freedom and self-love. Here’s to the girls who want to have fun, who know their value, who stand firm in their emotional state of mind, and who demand nothing short of the love & respect they deserve. Composed and produced by Mikey McCleary and W.i.S.H. along with their team YÜVA, Blake Dsilva, Vrindam Nagpal, Therapy will have you hooked.

Listen to ‘Therapy’ by W.i.S.H. here:

Adding to the angst in the sonic tapestry of the song, is a massive drop which complements the lyric world the band has built over the course of the track.

Speaking on the inspiration behind Therapy, W.i.S.H shared, “Therapy,’ was born from a collective desire to champion self-worth and empower individuals to rewrite their own narratives. We’ve all been through unpleasant relationships that hold us back. It’s time we stop trying to mend fragments that were never ours to fix and instead focus on what makes us happy! For the four of us, nothing makes us happier than making new music and sharing it with the world. So, turn up the volume, let the music guide you, and remember, YOU are worthy of all the greatness life has to offer!”

Curated by renowned composer & producer Mikey McCleary, and launched by Sony Music India, W.i.S.H. is India’s first girl group in 22 years. The collective consists of four young, talented singer-songwriters and performers – Ri, Zo, Sim and Suchi. Since their launch in March 2024, the girl group has gained popularity on social media. Their previous singles Lazeez and Galti have garnered millions of streams, paving the way for a loyal fan base that call themselves ‘WiSHSTARS’.

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