Zahrah Khan and Stebin Ben captivate in the love ballad ‘Ek Tu Hi Hai’

Mumbai, 11th July 2023: An exciting collaboration between two talented artists, Zahrah S Khan and Stebin Ben brings their unique sounds to create a mesmerizing ballad of love titled “Ek Tu Hi Hai.” Produced by T-Series and Bhushan Kumar, composed and penned by Tanishk Bagchi, this single promises to captivate audiences with its heartfelt lyrics, soulful melodies and intriguing music video. Featuring actors Akshay Anand and Aditi Budhathoki, the song tells a beautiful story conceptualized and directed by debut director Nishank Swami.

Watch the song here:

Despite this being Nishank Swami’s first directorial venture, “Ek Tu Hi Hai” stands out as a director’s song, meticulously crafted from scratch, with every minute detail carefully considered. The creative vision behind the music video ensures that viewers not only grasp the storyline effortlessly but also leaves them with a unique and thought-provoking experience. Shot in Bangkok, the music video showcases creativity at its best and a stunning first from the director!

Director Nishank Swami says, “Conceptualizing and directing ‘Ek Tu Hi Hai’ has been an incredible journey. I am grateful to the entire team for their dedication and creativity, and I hope audiences appreciate the depth and beauty of this visual experience.”

Akshay Anand, who is playing the male lead in the song says, “The song’s beautiful storyline and Nishank Swami’s visionary direction made it an opportunity I couldn’t resist. I hope people connect with the emotions conveyed in the music video.”

Adding to what Akshay said, Aditi Budhathoki shares, “I hope viewers find themselves immersed in the story we’ve brought to life. Collaborating with a talented team on ‘Ek Tu Hi Hai’ has been a creatively fulfilling endeavour.”

T-Series’ Ek Tu Hi Hai is sung by Zahrah S Khan and Stebin Ben with music and lyrics by Tanishk Bagchi. Featuring Akshay Anand and Aditi Budhathoki the song is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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