Yeh Jo Zindagi by Amartya Bobo Rahut will make you recall all the simple joys in life

Mumbai, 16th December 2022: Amartya Bobo Rahut is just taking his work a notch up every time he comes out with a single. After releasing some indie songs like Thikana, Kaisi Ho, Shaam Simti and more, comes yet another melodious track by Amartya Bobo Rahut. The track is released today and is already garnering a traction with listeners and his fans. The song has a cute animated lyrical video to it. This song is inspired by some simple joys in life that we all experience and celebrate. Yeh Jo Zindagi is one such track that will make you recall all the simple joys in life which we forget.

Watch the animated video song here:

Speaking about the track Amartya says that “I am in a happy place in life, so I wanted to make a song that reflects that state. ‘Yeh Jo Zindagi’ is a song that talks about life as it is beautiful and hopeful, and sometimes tough, but that again makes life so magnificent”.

Stream the song in the Inverted R – Indie Playlist:

Amartya also adds “I Love my life and I am very grateful to have it, “Yeh Jo Zindagi” is my little tribute to this beautiful world all around us. The sheer joy that can be had if one sees it that way in every small thing around us, from walking in a park, to riding a bike, to having a drink, to enjoying your food, to watching Lionel Messi play football, to listening to the Beatles and AR Rahman, to watch Virat Kohli score a 100 and India winning the game, to be happy doing nothing and yet enjoying every living moment, because it is a gift from above”.

Stream the song and have a great time!

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