Celebrating a Decade of Global Resilience, A.R. Rahman Releases a Powerful, New Version of ‘Infinite Love’

The Oscar and Grammy-winning composer mark 10 years of the peaceful and inclusive track by rendering it through a new musical lens for a changed world

Mumbai, 16th December 2022: When A.R. Rahman released “Infinite Love” in 2012, he didn’t know it was going to start a movement. The Oscar and Grammy-winning composer’s anthem of peace, love and inclusivity inspired the globe in one of the darkest years which was widely predicted to end with the demise of the Earth. Luckily, not only did the world survive, but so did music. Rahman’s funk, hip-hop and Indian classical leaning track “Infinite Love” went on to become a chant of celebration, gratitude and harmony around the globe.

Listen to the new version of ‘Infinite Love’ here:

The song has now completed a decade of existence and on this momentous occasion, Rahman has reimagined the soaring anthem for a new world, a new generation. The original track’s timeless lyrics (“Infinite Love… Is The Rain Falling Into The Sea/ Infinite Love… Is The Miracle Showering Me…”) continue to honour humanity’s resilience and inclusive nature. A changemaker who has led a revolution in the arts by fostering and spotlighting diverse talent from around India and the globe, Rahman continues to be a luminary for a peaceful world order.

About ‘Infinite Love,’ says A.R. Rahman,“I would like to thank the people of the world for their encouragement & love, particularly the artist community for showing the world that they don’t care about race or nationality, and all they care for is the person you are and the gift you carry as an artist. The people who wish only good, even for their enemies. The people who have enriched their lives & others’ by giving unconditionally. The people who make others’ lives beautiful by creating music, movies, art & functional innovations! The people whose prayers make the world imperishable”.

We are as we are because it was love that found us, fed us and led us. What better medium than art to bring the movement full circle and send it on another revolution around the world? With the new rendition of “Infinite Love,” Rahman provides a powerful prayer and vigil for humanity’s past, present and future. After all, though we are many, as human beings, we are one.

Infinite Love: Credits

Music: A.R. Rahman

Lyrics: A.R. Rahman, Blaaze

Remix by: K Kov

Video Editor: Allan Fernandes

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