‘Yaara Ve’ by Swaraag is a magical ode & homage to the true Indian romance & friendship

Mumbai, 26th June 2023: Indo-Western Folk Fusion band Swaraag unveils their second captivating music video “Yaara Ve”, sung by the band’s lead vocalist Asif Urra. Asif also stars in the video along with actors Gaurav Wadhwa and Muskan Mulchandani.

‘Yaara Ve’ is a magical ode and homage to the true Indian romance and friendship that we used to see in old Bollywood films. This Punjabi song is written for people who believe in friendship and love. The song is shot at the beautiful locations of Rajasthan and involves the story of three characters, two guys and a girl, who have a very special place for each other. But soon their friendship gets challenged when feelings beyond friendship start seeping within the three of them. This song and video tell that it takes losing someone, in order to get someone, but if their friendship is true, there will be a win-win for everyone.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the music video, Asif Urra, the lead singer of Swaraag, expressed his excitement, saying, “We are thrilled to present ‘Yaara Ve’ to our fans. This song holds a special place in our hearts, and we wanted to create a visual representation that would truly resonate with the emotions conveyed in the music. Working with Gaurav Wadwa and Muskan Mulchandani has been an incredible experience, and we believe their performances have added an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the song.”

“Yaara Ve” is now available on all major music platforms, and the accompanying music video can be watched on Swaraag’s official YouTube channel. Music enthusiasts are encouraged to embrace this unique fusion of cultures and experience the magic of Swaraag’s music in their latest release.

About Swaraag

Born in the majestic lands of Rajasthan, Swaraag is a folk-fusion band hailing from Jaipur. The band features Pratap Singh (Founder/Team Coach), Arif Khan (Zitar player), Asif Khan (Lead Singer), Tasruf Ali (Saxophone), Rishab Rozar (Guitar), Arif Khan (Khartal/Morchang player), Sajid Khan (Drummer) and Seif Ali Khan (Tabla Player). They bring forth the best of traditional Rajasthani music amalgamated with modern instruments to create a mellifluous experience for the audience. With More Than 1000+ Performance Worldwide, Swaraag flavors are Sufi Fusion, Rajasthani Folk Fusion, Instrumental Fusion, and Bollywood Mashup. The Band has also been a Runner Up in the Singing reality show Rising Star 3.

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