World Music Band Oxygen released their third single from The Metagen Project

Mumbai, 4th August 2022: After recently celebrating their 20th anniversary, World Music Band “Oxygen” has released their 3rd single from “The Metagen Project” called “Thandananae”. The band started this project by releasing their first single from The Metagen Project called “Saraswathi” and followed it up with “Northern Lights”. Thandananae song was released on 3rd August. The song is a “Contemporary Tamil Folk Fusion” dedicated to farmers who are the sustainers of the civilization. C. Girinandh the founder of the band says “We believe that once music ceases to be ephemeral it enters the condition of painting. Just like your daily activities, calendric or life-cycle rituals, work, games, enculturation, etc… How better to express it than Folk? This song is our humble offering to the craftsmen of the highest order, the sustainers of civilizations – The Farmers.

Thandanaane | Oxygen World Music ft Muthusirpi | Metagen series

As Thiruvallur said, உழுதுண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்மற் றெல்லாம் தொழுதுண்டு பின்செல் பவர். “They alone live who live by agriculture; all others lead a cringing, dependent life”

The Metagen Project is an attempt by C. Girinandh, to explore various spectral and sonic capabilities with the latest technology to create a uniquely immersive experience. The album incorporates several genres like Tamil and Bihu Folk. It is also their first attempt at expressing music through the language of aesthetic lighting.

Metagen is mixed and mastered by Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio for pristine clarity and a riveting listening experience. The album was also graded in Dolby Vision for an exemplary viewing experience. June 21st, 2022 Tenor strings, a Chennai-based 20-member orchestra has added a grand flourish to this project with their perfect sound and synchronization. 36 original compositions shall be released featuring various musical genres, techniques, and renowned artists.

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