Vineet wins big with his multi-genre trilogy; becomes the First Asian/Indian have the most played Independent song on US radio*

Mumbai, 5th August 2022: After a successful start to the year with his book meets album concept – Nine, the record breaking, global-chart topper Vineet Singh Hukmani has trained his eyes further on disruption. What followed, after the bestseller on debut multimedia project called Nine, was a multi-genre trilogy of 3 singles titled Love Punch that covered 3 different aspects of love. Depicting various shades of love in summer playlist-friendly genres, the tracks were released in the span of 45 days.

Love Punch showcases 3 singles in 3 different genres, covering 3 different facets of love starting with Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game); which has just become one of the most played Independent tracks on US radio* (across 10,000 radio stations).

As a result, the artist became the first Asian/Indian to have the most-played independent song across thousands of US radio stations*, with the track reaching no.1 on the DRT Independent 150 chart and number 56 on the prestigious DRT Mainstream Top 200 Pop Music chart, where the Vineet shares space with some of the world’s biggest musical stars, including Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and Drake, among others.


Click here to listen: Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game)

While the House/Electronic global dance track Dee Da Da Da (Love Is Your Game) is inspired by the collective return to clubs, gyms and dance-floors post the covid19-based lull, the second single Light of The World brings the might of R&B with a touch of modern day Gospel in this upbeat track dedicated to people who bring the love & light in the world for the listener.

Click here to listen: Light of The World

The final instalment of the trilogy is a Modern Day Country Hick track called City Roads that tells the tale of love, expectations, and conflict between small-town and large-city ideologies. The song (released on August 5th, 2022) by way of a cinematic narrative, captures the years that pass between a couple separated by ambition & distance. Traversing through many moments of lying “awake in a bed of regret”, the acoustic guitar-based track marries punchy hip-hop beats and lyrics with a country hick twang.


Click here to listen:  City Roads

Like the previous two releases in the #lovepunch trilogy, this track too witnesses the global charting artist take on a completely new genre, for the very first time.

Vineet Singh Hukmani is the first Asian/Indian to achieve a series of back-to-back accomplishments on global radio charts in 2021, along with multiple Grammy submissions, and other achievements that his releases have brought him recently. The genre-agnostic artist has not only been receiving decent airplay on global radio platforms but has also proven his mettle by securing top slots across different regions & genre charts.

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