With this wedding season, get ready to groove on to Aabha Hanjura’s latest Sufistication Folk Sessions, EP – Kala Sha Kala!

A Punjabi Folk song recreates the magic in her unique way!

Mumbai, 9th November 2022: Versatile singer Aabha Hanjura a Sufi folk singer and songwriter who is famously known for her embellish contribution as a lead singer of Sufistication, an eclectic folk-pop band is all set to release her next single Kala Sha Kala.

Watch the song here:

Talking about her song Aabha Hanjura says, “I’m super excited for this track, it’s been a folk favorite of mine from a long time and no Punjabi wedding is complete without this song! The song has naughty lyrics and a groovy beat that’s bound to make people turn on their festive mood!”.

Check out song and groove with it!

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