DIVINE’s Third Album ‘Gunehgar’ Featuring Global Guest Collaborators Such As Russ, Jadakiss, Armani White And Hit-Boy Out Now via Mass Appeal India!

Mumbai, 10th November 2022: Desi hip hop fans are in for a real treat! The undisputed king of Indian hip-hop, DIVINE’s third album ‘Gunehgar’ via Mass Appeal India and Gully Gang is now streaming on all platforms!

Serving as a follow-up to his critically acclaimed previous albums ‘Kohinoor’ (2019) and ‘Punya Paap’ (2020), the brand new 12-track full length studio album features guests spots from global music heavyweights such as Jadakiss, Russ, Armani White, Noizy and Hit-Boy as well as local stars Jonita Gandhi and Wazir Patar.

Suffused with an unapologetic spirit of authenticity and vulnerability, the album centers around conflicting themes of that of sin and virtue, and of angels and demons; concepts which have been a crucial undercurrent to DIVINE’s artistry over the last few years. The album showcases intensely personal and lyrical themes which lay bare the introspection, fears, frailties, healing, happiness, ambition and triumph.

With his new showcase which also credits Karan Kanchan and Phenom on the music production, DIVINE has delivered what could be the record of the year, effortlessly condensing a mirage of disparate genres into music which thrillingly broaches any gap between soul, hip-hop, and pop. Unflinchingly seeking out new sounds and styles, he effortlessly transitions from a dancehall earworm to a drill banger and from a flex rap track to modern love poetry.

Bringing to the fore the metamorphosis of an artist whose meteoric rise is mapped from the streets of Bombay to the red carpet at the Grammy’s, the album sees the hip hop royalty rap with profound emotional clarity and unfiltered realness as he reminisces on how far he has come, the experiences he has encountered thus far and the sheer distinctiveness that makes up for who he is. He welcomes the listener into his metaverse, lending bits of himself, whether it’s him being vulnerable on ‘Akela’, fierce on ‘Gunehgar’, hungry on ‘Bhookh’ or romantic on ‘Sitara’. Gunehgar is an explosive opening track that sees DIVINE unmistakably roar again with his firebrand lyricism, indomitable energy and impeccable flow on world-class production by Chancey Hollis Jr., aka Hit-Boy. While, ‘Akela’ on the other hand, is an introspective, thoughtful and contemplative track that pierces hearts and incites a mirage of emotions. This track is one such piece of modern poetry in the form of a rap track. DIVINE lets his guard down as he mulls over deep-seated thoughts on an exquisite beat produced by veteran producer Phenom. The contemporary wordsmith talks about the pros and cons of fame and how it can be lonely at the top with jealous peers trying to drag you down. But the passion for one’s craft and the community love can help anyone rise above the negativity and hate and keep one’s vision laser focused. With ‘Bhookh’, DIVINE taps into his fierce lyrical self as he delivers motivational, ambition filled bars that have the potential to pierce hearts and light a fire in anyone. An anthem in its truest sense, Bhookh attempts to fuel the listener’s hustle and grind.

Infusing some cinematic flavour into the album, the Mumbai native incorporates a reimaged rap banger of the Bollywood classic Baazigar O Baazigar on ‘Baazigar’ besides referencing Allu Arjun’s famous dialogue from the Bollywood film Pushpa in ‘Plush’ as well as drawing parallels between Indian captain Rohit Sharma’s cricketing style with his own rapping ability in ‘Hitman’

DIVINE expands, “Gunehgar is the start to a revolution. I’m going to take that appetite and passion of mine for desi hip hop to unimaginable heights and I hope you’re ready! Also there’s so much I’m grateful and happy for and I just wanted to express that. As the year draws to a close, this is my humble gift to my community and my fans who’ve waited so long for a music release!”

Returning to music after a near two-year hiatus, the multi-platinum rapper also unveiled the album’s stellar artwork with its’ old school vintage vibe; a striking photo shot by Colstan Julian of an invincible DIVINE rocking a shiny black ensemble standing in front of a neon pop classic car, foreshadowing his future reign as the modern-day king of hip-hop.

With the release of his third album, the hip hop titan stands not only as one of India’s most accomplished rappers, but one of the most accomplished cultural icons of modern times.

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