“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and then, add some honey”, Alan Ebe on his new track ‘Honey’

Dubai, 6th July 2021: Alan Ebe is a singer/songwriter from Chennai, currently based in the UAE. Influenced by a mix of acoustic, gospel and RnB genres of music, his sounds are deep yet easy going. His lyrics seek to expose layers of stories that lead up to the simple feelings we experience daily. Navigating through his 20’s one sarcastic comment at a time, Alan’s music pays homage to the little moments in life that are secretly the big ones.

Honey is having fun with a sad song and a reminder to laugh at our own jokes even if (especially if) nobody else is laughing. Talking about the song Alan says, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And then, add some honey. With a new mood, fresh notes and a touch of drama, Honey is the latest of our experiments that mix stories with music. With unique swings of voice and rhythm, complemented by a Thursday-evening-sunset kind of solo, this track is for all of us who are taking a minute to disengage. This one is also for the friends, family and lovers that decide to stick around to support our big return”.

The songs of Alan have found their way into people’s lives and his previous work can be accessed various Spotify playlists. His debut single “Little Rain” was placed on Spotify’s “Rain On Indie” playlist, while his next release “Song About You” is placed on Spotify’s “Incoming Indie” playlist. Some of the other work of Alan can be found on the below link:


Check out his work and feel the vibes!


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