Vibhuti Joshi’s ‘Hune Hune’ blends two cultures in a captivating track

Mumbai, 20th February 2023: Vibhuti Joshi has recently released her latest track, ‘Hune Hune’. The song is accompanied by a DIY video and has been streaming since 17th February 2023.

Watch the song here:

Talking about the song she says, “The song idea came at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected way possible. I was on a trip to Rajasthan with my family and was completely mesmerized by the colours, sounds and aesthetics of the place. So, one of those days as I was visiting the famous Amer Fort in Jaipur, I heard a Sarangi player sitting in the corner and playing. That was when the idea struck”.

The sound of the song reflects the culture of Rajasthan in its own ways. Talking abiy the music she says, “I thought of recording him (sarangi player) on my phone and see if something could be made with this sound. I discussed it with my music producer friend, Roop Ghuman, who was back home in Chandigarh at that time and came up with the idea of sampling the Sarangi and making a new melody from it. The melody that came out after sampling sounded quite interesting so we decided to go ahead and make a full song which will be a blend of Rajasthani and Punjabi sounds. We added percussive elements like Dhol to give it a Punjabi feel and the lyrics, also in Punjabi say, ‘Hoya pyar hune hune’ which very beautifully describe the feeling of new love and all the emotions that come along with it”. 

The video of the song has been shot impromptu and is also a testament to the fact that in the current digital age, there is no barrier to doing things. Speaking about the video shae says, “As I was in Rajasthan, I thought of savouring the moment and doing an impromptu, DIY music video shoot with my phone itself, which might be used for the song visuals later on. So with the help of my family I captured the place in whatever best possible way I could and made a music video out of it”. 

‘Hune Hune’ is a captivating song that blends two distinct cultures. Check it out!

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