Raga & DG Immortals collaborate for a gangsta rap, ‘Kheench Maari’ on Def Jam India

Mumbai, 27th November 2023: Underground Indian Hip-Hop producer Nitin Randhawa orchestrates an explosive single “Kheench Maari,” featuring the unparalleled talents of Northern emcees Raga and DG Immortals. This gangsta rap anthem is a testament to their raw lyrical prowess, filled with notorious street rap punchlines, subliminal threats, and an unmatched energy that ignites the burgeoning rap scene.

“Kheench Maari” is a prelude to the forthcoming “Midtown Madness” EP and signifies a crucial collaboration between these young rappers. Raga, known for his self-absorbing and vicious singles in Hindi and Haryanvi vernacular, delivers his most aggressive performance yet. His evocative vocal delivery and unapologetic narration through lethal street rap have earned him an unflinching reputation as a force in the industry.

Watch the song here:

DG Immortals, a beacon of Haryanvi rap music, contributes a guest verse that elevates “Kheench Maari” to unprecedented heights. His presence on the track transforms this already turbulent rap record into a genre-bending masterpiece, showcasing the fusion of their talents and the diversity of their styles.

In discussing the collaboration, Raga stated, “As a Haryanvi at heart, I aim to infuse the authentic essence of Haryana into my music. DG Immortals shares a similar approach, making our collaboration a rich experience. Collaboration like these extract the best from each artist, leading to unexpected creations. ‘Kheench Maari’ is a testament to this synergy. Additionally, I’ve introduced the ‘Phonk’ flavor, a subgenre of hip-hop and trap music, adding a fresh and unique element for the listeners. I’m confident that audiences will appreciate and enjoy this track as much as they did for our previous collaboration.”

Further adding to it, DG Immortals said, “Kheench Maari is a very powerful song and I believe Raga and I have put our best in making this into a pure Haryanvi desi gangsta vibes. With this track, we brought in the third wave of Haryanvi hip-hop and gave justice to the emerging hip-hop scenes in Haryana. After Kaleshi Chori, people really wanted us to collaborate again, so here we are presenting a new track to our fans. I hope they give lots of love and enjoy this track.”

Nitin Randhawa, the mastermind behind the production, has woven together an electrifying soundscape that complements the fiery verses of Raga and DG Immortals, creating a magnetic force in the rap genre.

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