Umami Films gives Nikhil D’Souza’s ‘Because Because Because’ an intense dimension in new music video

This short film highlights the delicate transition of individual preferences and its bearing on relationships in today’s modern and evolving world

Mumbai, 11th August, 2023: Umami Films throws in a new perspective to the core premise of Nikhil D’souza’s latest single ‘Because Because Because’, with a new music video. The track questions whether we actually want to be in a relationship or not, and this film delves deep into the extent you would go to make it happen. The 4 plus minute film stars Farzana Palathingal and Abhishekh Khan in lead roles.

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A new age production company, Umami Films embarked on a task of bringing to life a story inspired by true facts, about a young couple and the journey through their relationship. This story with a twist of love, chaos, conflict, and acceptance unfolds when the male partner delves deep into his desires of cross-dressing and his female partner confronting her realities but going the distance to make things work, come what may.

Talking about his film, Anthony Karbari – Film Director said, “Because Because Because is a special project that allowed me to peek into the intimate chapters of the life of my good friends. The film boldly captures their honesty and vulnerability and allowed me to celebrate the universal experience of love in all its glory. We had a wonderful time shooting this film with a very talented team bringing alive the essence of the track.’

Photo Credit: Umami Films

Nikhil D’souza commented on the release of his new music video, “Umami films have taken this single to a whole new level with their deep and honest storytelling. Because Because Because is a track about the questions and options of staying in love and this couldn’t have been more aptly picturized. I am so excited to have everyone see this music video and hear the song from this perspective.”

The film narrative is divided into three enchanting acts, each portraying a significant phase of the relationship of the protagonists. Act One captures the instant distance after their initial meeting and how the world around them is seemingly fading as the girl pushes her away and blocks any conversations. Act Two embodies the crescendo of their longing as they feel suffocated in a tiny apartment. Act Three paints a picture of understanding each other better, enduring commitment, where challenges are met hand-in-hand, and their love stands stronger than ever against the tests of time.

About Umami Films:

Led by ace director Anthony Karbhari, Umami Films is an end to end production company bringing together well known professionals of the industry to bring to life emotions, dreams, and realities that converge to create cinema that defies convention and captivates the heart. Widely acclaimed for his work specifically with ad-films for top brands like Mercedes, Skoda, Maruti Suzuki, Flipkart, Bisk Farm, Spotify, TVS, Mahindra, Nestle etc. Umami Films explore the uncharted territories of storytelling, bringing to life tales that stir the soul and awaken the senses one frame at a time.

About Nikhil D’Souza:

Nikhil has been strumming the guitar and singing ever since he was 12. And after playing for several bands, he rose to fame singing the iconic songs ‘Shaam’ and ‘Mere Bina’ from the movies Aisha and Crook back in 2010. Over the last decade, Nikhil has sung several hit Bollywood tracks and more importantly, has enjoyed a successful independent song-writing career. He has collaborated with many international producers and songwriters and was signed to East West Records, a label owned by Warner Music UK. Nikhil has performed across India and abroad including the iconic London Palladium, singing with the BBC Concert Orchestra for their Simon & Garfunkel tribute. His 2020 EP, ‘Waqt’ was ranked #1 EP by Rolling Stone magazine, India. Nikhil has several of his independent songs synced across OTT shows, including ‘Mausam hai pyaar’ title track for the Amazon Prime hit series Modern Love – Mumbai.

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