tricksingh on debut artist of the year, Shahid Kapoor and first major label release!

Mumbai, 22nd June 2023: A part of the movement for a new era in Punjabi music, ‘tricksingh’ aka Tirath Sandhu is a 23 year old artist and composer who is trying to create a contemporary sound by incorporating elements of his heritage into his projects while keeping an international appeal with the bilingual nature of his sound. He has brought a fresh sound and a cultural movement in the scene to represent the new urban Punjab and is dropping his next single ‘Shor’ with Def Jam India.

Watch the song here:

Winning ‘Debut Artist Of The Year’ and doing a sold out international tour in his first year as an artist, it is clear that tricksingh is carving his own lane in the space. He has performed at Jio World Garden, DLF Avenue, Upstairs Club, The Den, Bazaar, Boathouse, The Lazy Market, Peddlers, The Reef and more.

‘Shor’ is an ode to all the creatives, hustlers and dreamers out there trying to forge their own path in this crazy world. For this song, tricksingh samples Indian sounds yet again and gets an army of creatives and entrepreneurs together in one space for his music video, almost as a subtle nod to everybody trying to create waves instead of riding them.

With Shahid Kapoor and Diet Sabya sharing his music on their social media, it’s clear that tricksingh’s music is touching people and that he is growing by the day.

With his distinctive vocal delivery, tricksingh captivates listeners with his gruff yet compelling style. “Shor” features incredible 808s and immersive snares, creating a captivating sonic experience that showcases tricksingh’s command over Punjabi rap music. The track serves as a testament to his stature as an artist and his ability to craft compelling and suave musical compositions with Indian instruments and inspirations.

His debut single under the prestigious Def Jam Recordings India, “Shor” marks a significant milestone in his career. The collaboration with the esteemed record label further emphasizes his growing prominence and highlights the immense talent he brings to the table. tricksingh’s impact on the Indian Hip-Hop scene is undeniable, and “Shor” is poised to solidify his position as a force to be reckoned with.

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