T-Series out with a heartfelt devotional track ‘Kanha Teri Deewani’ by renowned singer Jaya Kishori

Mumbai, 31st August 2023: A pioneer in the devotional music space, T-Series, is out with its latest devotional offering, “Kanha Teri Deewani,” sung by the esteemed devotional singer Jaya Kishori. Composed by the talented Raaj Aashoo and penned by lyricist Seepi Jha, the song pays homage to the divine Lord Krishna and captures the essence of devotion, love, and spirituality.

Watch the song here:

Jaya Kishori is a prominent figure in the devotional space, known for her soul-stirring renditions that touch the hearts of millions of devotees. With “Kanha Teri Deewani” she captures the adoration and reverence that devotees hold for Lord Krishna, affectionately referred to as “Kanha.” The music video of “Kanha Teri Deewani” tells a heartwarming story of love, hope, and dreams coming true.

Says Jaya Kishori, “Singing ‘Kanha Teri Deewani’ has been a deeply spiritual experience for me. Lord Krishna’s divine love is something that connects us all, and I am happy to be a part of a track that expresses this devotion so beautifully.”

Adds Raaj Aashoo, ” I believe this song will touch the hearts of listeners and strengthen their connection with spirituality.”

Says Seepi Jha, “Writing the lyrics for ‘Kanha Teri Deewani’ was a deeply introspective process. I aimed to capture the sentiments of devotion and love that are central to the song’s theme.”

Adds Lovesh Nagar, “We aimed to visually portray the emotional depth of the song while telling a heartwarming story of a father and his loving sacrifice for his daughter with the blessings of Kanha.”

Produced by T-Series “Kanha Teri Deewani” sung by Jaya Kishori is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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