AP Dhillon soars high on Spotify, courtesy his new single, ‘With You’

Mumbai, 31st August 2023: Teriyan adavaan, teriyan adavaan…if you just finished the line with munda maar sutteya tu kada dil lutteya, chances are that you have already listened to AP Dhillon’s fresh track, ‘With You’, multiple times. Currently at #2 on the Spotify’s Weekly Top Songs India chart (week ending August 24), the song already has more than 25 million streams in just over two weeks. Insane, right? During the same period, AP Dhillon also became the 7th most streamed artist in the Weekly Top Artist India chart, up 18 positions from being at #25 in the week before the release (week ending August 10).

Stream ‘With You’ here:

‘With You’ is one of the nine tracks by AP Dhillon that feature in the Weekly Top Songs India chart (week ending August 24). Other songs that feature in this list are:

  1. True Stories at #15
  2. Excuses at #24
  3. Summer High at #27
  4. Dil Nu at #33
  5. Tere Te at #70
  6. Brown Munde at #77
  7. Insane at #83
  8. Sleepless at #88

50% of these songs have entered or re-entered the charts after the Punjabi-Canadian artist dropped his new single.

“Taking Punjabi culture global has been at the heart of all the music I make. My goal is to create something that can appeal to all types of listeners and something that lasts for generations,” says AP Dhillon. “My new single ‘With You’ reflects this and the love I’ve received for this single has been amazing to see. Reaching #38 on the Spotify Daily Global Charts is a milestone moment for me, and I can’t wait to do more.”

Stream ‘True Stories’ here:

With over 4 million followers on Spotify, AP Dhillon is one the artists who has more followers on the streaming platform than on any social media platforms, highlighting where his fan community truly is. His streams on Spotify continue to come from across the world, with listeners across not just diaspora markets such as Canada, the US, and UK, but also countries such as Norway, Brazil, Greece, Chile, Mexico, Kenya, and more, proving the truly global nature of his appeal. True stories!

Earlier this month, he also gave his fans a peek into his journey as an artist, through AP Dhillon: First of a Kind, a docu-series.

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